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Health and Wellness

"My favorite part of Horizons is eating kale with Ms. Monica!"

- student, Horizons at Carolina Day School

Healthy bodies and minds go hand in hand, and each Horizons student benefits from opportunities to exercise, eat nutritious foods, and learn more about health and wellness during the summer session. Students enjoy a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack each day, and keep active with swimming, nature walks, structured sports and games, yoga, meditation, dance, and recess time. Many Horizons sites have on-campus gardens where students are able to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables, harvest, and try what they've grown. Plus, field trips to local farms and grocery stores emphasize fresh produce and teach students where their food comes from. 

Many programs also make a point to involve the whole family in wellness and creating healthy habits. Family cooking classes and wellness speakers create fun learning communities, and continued education opportunities like parent swimming lessons and first aid classes help keep everyone safe and active.