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Program Elements

Horizons provides a multi-year solution that supports children and their families from pre-kindergarten through high school graduation over the summer, after school, and on weekends throughout the year.

With support from mental health professionals, social-emotional learning is built into every aspect of Horizons, helping our students achieve mental well-being, increased learning, and higher graduation rates, among many other benefits.

Our project-based educational model is designed to fuel a life-long passion for learning, using a blend of high-quality academics with cultural enrichment and confidence-building activities like swimming, arts, and sports.

Horizons' hallmark is an intensive six-week summer learning and enrichment program, serving public school students on the campuses of independent, public, and charter schools, colleges, and universities. In small classes led by professional educators, students dive into a rich culturally inclusive and responsive curriculum emphasizing literacy and STEM, and benefit from the incorporation of social-emotional and whole-child teaching practices. Throughout the school year, Horizons programs maintain connection with students and families by offering Saturday programming, special events, and community reunions.

Horizons serves students with a broad range of academic skills, providing opportunities for children to experience success in an encouraging, inspirational environment. Each incoming class is intentionally balanced with two-thirds of students performing below grade level and one-third performing at or above grade level, driving peer support and nurturing long-term growth.

Where are Horizons programs located?

By design, you’ll find Horizons programs on independent, public, and charter schools, college, and university campuses. These facilities offer new surroundings, resources, and relationships, where academic content is integrated with experiential learning activities. The opportunity to explore and learn in a new environment increases engagement, and promotes social and academic growth. Students benefit from the unique resources and experience of their host Horizons school as they return each summer.

Do students come back year after year?

Yes! Long-term connections create the greatest impact, so Horizons programs make student, family, and staff retention a priority. Many families are involved for decades as younger siblings make their way through the program, and graduates return to volunteer or teach at Horizons. Across the Horizons Network, over 80% of students, families, and staff return to their programs each year.

I feel extremely blessed to have had my twin boys attend Horizons each summer for the past 4 years. They absolutely love the staff and structure of mixing fun activities, academics (they love reading a book with their friends), and exploring various projects, arts and crafts, and sports. Each and every day they were so grateful and excited to attend... This program has had such a positive impact on their summer away from school and we couldn’t be happier.

- Family, Horizons of Kent & Queen Anne's