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Every Horizons student learns to swim!

It's not only a fun summer activity - it is a life-saving, confidence-building skill. Most students come to the program as non-swimmers who are afraid of the water. We’ve found that when their teachers and peers join them in the pool, students build trust and self-esteem – and those qualities spill over into the classroom. 

Learning to swim:

  • Transforms a feared challenge into a favorite activity
  • Encourages attention to detail and commitment to a goal 
  • Teaches resilience and strategies to overcome fears and obstacles 
  • Inspires a healthy lifestyle 
  • Introduces a competitive sport 
  • Teaches skills for summer employment 
  • Is FUN – it’s the overwhelming favorite among Horizons students!

My son was so scared to get in the pool - now he is asking me to book him swimming lessons. I am so grateful for that.

- parent, Horizons at Albertus Magnus College

For older Horizons students who have completed their swimming lessons, many programs offer lifeguard training - a way to gain even more confidence and pass on that encouragement to their younger peers.