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The Opportunity Gap

All students deserve the opportunity to succeed.

But unfortunately, opportunity isn't equal. Across our country, additional supports during and outside of school are not accessible to many students and families. COVID-19 thrust summer and out-of-school learning into the spotlight, with many students experiencing what is now called the COVID Slide - an erosion of academic, social, and emotional skills due to disrupted schooling caused by the pandemic, particularly for students in communities most affected by school closures. 

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Especially during the summer months, out-of-school programs may be costly or offer limited options for transportation and activities, leaving many families unable to participate. These gaps in opportunity all contribute to students experiencing summer learning loss - the cumulative erosion of academic skills over the summer months, which over time can leave students years behind in schoolcontributing to chronic absenteeism and high school drop-out rates. On average, a student who does not experience enriching summer activities can lose up to 2 months in academic skills.

Horizons aims to change this reality. Our programs support students who might otherwise experience significant learning loss during the summer months, ensuring that every child has opportunities to learn and grow. By the end of each 6-week summer session, Horizons students have typically gained at least 6 weeks of grade equivalence in reading and math - effectively reversing summer learning loss and sending students back to school feeling confident and ready!