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Our visionis a future in which every child thrives

Our Mission: We advance educational equity by building long-term partnerships with students, families, communities, and schools to create experiences outside of school that inspire the joy of learning. 

While Horizons National has successfully led and expanded a powerful network of programs for more than 25 years, the need to support more students and families has never been more urgent as a result of learning loss due to the pandemic.

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Students across the country are testing behind an average of 4 months in math and 5 months in reading. Students living in areas most affected by school closures, illness, and lack of community resources during the pandemic are now facing even more challenges, and many have lost an average of 7 months in reading.

School districts alone can't provide students the support they need to recover, and many educators are feeling overwhelmed and burnt-out.

Horizons National has the solution.


Horizons National invests our resources in expanding our powerful Network to reach more students, and ensuring our affiliate programs across the country are strong and sustainable. 

We develop partnerships with all types of education institutions — public, private and charter schools, colleges, and universities — to launch community-based Horizons programs. Then, we provide consistent, high-quality support to each affiliate through peer-to-peer learning, material development, fundraising opportunities, and more.

We’re committed to creating opportunities for thousands more students to experience an equitable pandemic recovery by building new partnerships with schools and districts nationwide.

There is no better investment in long-term solutions than bringing Horizons to more communities. Horizons' hallmark 6-week summer program has engaged over 10,000 students from Pre-K through high school, who return to the program each year for project-based literacy, art, and STEM learning, field trips, swimming, healthy living, and community building in a joyful, supportive environment.


Horizons at a Glance

  • 88% Daily attendance rate of Horizons students during the 6-week summer session.

  • 85% of Horizons students come back year after year and develop relationships with Horizons teachers, staff, mentors, and friends.

  • 91% of Horizons graduates go on to attend college or some form of post-secondary education.

  • 71 Program sites in 20 states, and expanding to reach more students.

  • 7,100+ Students served in 2023 - and growing every year.

  • 1,050+ Teachers! Horizons classrooms have a ratio of 1 teacher to every 5 students.

  • 97% of Horizons high school students graduate. A love of learning becomes a way of life.


We advance educational equity by building long-term partnerships with students, families, communities, and schools to create experiences outside of school that inspire the joy of learning.

Our Mission in Action

Annual Report

Each year Horizons National publishes the Annual Report to the Network, shared with affiliate leaders across the country.

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Equity & Inclusion

Horizons National stands in solidarity with ALL individuals throughout our communities and across the country.

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Campaign for Growth

Horizons National began our Campaign for Growth in 2018, with a goal of raising $25 million to support the expansion of Horizons programs across the country to reach more students and communities.

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Your donation to Horizons National helps us grow our Network of programs to reach even more students and families.

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