With recent studies supporting the importance of early education, Horizons pre-K programs typically serve younger brothers and sisters of current Horizons students and give children a jump-start with academic and cognitive skills.  

On the other end, Horizons high school programs have been developed to help older students graduate from both high school and college. These programs, both in the summer and in one-on-one academic year mentorship, offer continued support for existing Horizons students. Our high school programs also assist with the important transition between 8th grade and high school, and provide guidance with the college admissions process—from standardized test prep to group tours of local colleges and universities.  


“I would never have seen the University of Pennsylvania if it had not been for Horizons. When you grow up in a low income community, you feel like you can’t do things you want to do. But now the possibilities are endless. Horizons gave me the same opportunities and put me on a level playing field with my peers. It gave me opportunities in life that I may not have had.” Horizons Alumna (and student at the University of Pennsylvania)