Horizons National's New Mission and Vision

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At the end of 2020, Horizons National set out to revisit our Mission, Vision, Values, and Theory of Change looking at each with a lens on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). The first step in the process was to create new Mission and Vision statements that reflect our commitment to EDI and our growth as a Network.

In February 2021, we engaged Prosper Strategies to lead a small working group comprised of Horizons National (HN) staff, HN Board Members, an affiliate representative, and a Horizons alum in developing new Mission and Vision statements for Horizons National. The small group met 3 times from February through April to develop the new statements, followed by listening and input sessions in May with HN staff, HN Board, and affiliate representatives across the Horizons Network.

As a result of this work, we are proud to share Horizons National's new Mission and Vision statements:

Vision (the future we seek):
Our vision is a future in which every child thrives.

Mission (how Horizons works to get there):
We advance educational equity by building long-term partnerships with students, families, communities, and schools to create experiences outside of school that inspire the joy of learning.

Looking forward, Horizons National will be revisiting our organizational Values and Theory of Change with a lens on EDI and the future of Horizons. We are thrilled to begin this new chapter of Horizons' growth and sustainability!

Click here to learn more about how Horizons National is bringing our Mission and Vision to life.

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