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Horizons National is embarking on an exciting new chapter with the launch of our Campaign for Growth. We began this campaign with the goal of raising $25 million to support the accelerated expansion of Horizons programs across the country to reach more students and communities. To date, we have raised $22.5 million, putting us at more than 90% of our goal. 

As an organization that leads the nationwide effort to accelerate learning recovery, Horizons combines academic, enrichment, and mental well-being support to achieve research-based results. With unprecedented demand, our Horizons Network of affiliates is growing rapidly, and donations to Horizons National will fuel this expansion.

By working together, nonprofit organizations, education institutions, government agencies, donors, and communities can help kids recover from the lost learning caused by the pandemic over the last several years. To meet this challenge, the Campaign for Growth has three primary objectives:

Students will only get caught up with more time to learn, and summer must be a part of the solution. The Horizons National Network is poised to make a significant impact. We invite you to join us on this journey toward partnering with communities to advance equitable learning recovery efforts across the country. 

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Expanding Horizons 

Academic and social-emotional recovery from the pandemic will take more than a single summer, and our proven, evidence-based Horizons programs are poised to be a long-term answer to what so many students need. In fact, research shows that programs like Horizons, when attended over consecutive summers, improve student’s math and reading scores, accelerate learning gains, support social and emotional development and well-being, and lead to higher graduation rates. 

We need your help to expand Horizons to new communities – particularly those most impacted by COVID-19 school closures. Our Campaign for Growth, designed to support the growth of Horizons and help us reach more students through regionalization, is nearing completion. Investment in a regional organization supports sites and initiates growth at an accelerated pace, yielding nearly 3 times the revenue as a single site and having a greater impact on the community through a long-term, sustainable program for years to come.


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Over the years, these dedicated individuals and institutions have supported thousands of students and helped Horizons expand to new communities across the country.

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Our funding partners fuel the growth of our Network and support our work with affiliates.

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