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Student Feature: Ethan Romero

Horizons is built on long-term relationships, and few students understand this better than those who have been with the program since toddlerhood. This year, we were honored to speak with Ethan Romero, a rising 8th grader at Horizons at CT State Norwalk, to learn more about his years at Horizons since joining the program in pre-kindergarten.

“I barely remember my first day,” Ethan shares, “but I was pretty shocked I had a friend. I have a friend I’ve known ever since the first day, and we actually still talk to this day. Of the 12 [students in my class], 7 of us have been here since 2016.”

Ethan had a hard time deciding on his favorite part of Horizons. “Swimming is like a really fun part of Horizons. I think my second favorite would be kickball, and basketball. In science we had a class called STEM, and we did projects. We had this density project where we put oil and water, and since they had different densities, it didn’t mix up. And another thing we did in science was make slime.

“One of the field trips I really loved, that I was looking forward to - like, I was actually thinking about it the day before, I was anxious, I couldn’t sleep - it was Adventure Park. It’s like a park where you do ziplining, a ropes course, stuff like that. I actually got a little scared by [ziplining], but I conquered it. And my teachers were behind me, and they were even more scared than I was, so it was fun - a little teamwork.”

When the pandemic hit and Horizons programs operated online, Ethan found an interest in technology. “When we went virtual, I felt like I knew more about technology. Now, I usually help the teachers with technology. One time the smart screen wasn’t working, and I found a way to fix it. So I’m actually thinking like, I have an interest, a talent, and a skill with technology. So I’m thinking of being someone who works at Microsoft, Apple, or Google.”

For now, Ethan is looking forward to another summer with his friends and classmates. When asked what he tells others about the program, Ethan says, “Usually when people ask me about [Horizons], I tell them, I don’t like it - I love it.