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The Data is In!

The data is in, and we're excited to share the results of this record-breaking Horizons summer! Check out the incredible impact your support has helped make across the country.

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Hispanic/Latinx Voices in Education

This month, we're celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by sharing the stories of influential figures in education whose work changed history and made a positive difference for others.

Paulo Freire was one of the most influential philosophers of education of the twentieth century. A native of Brazil, Paulo’s goal was to eradicate illiteracy among people from previously colonized countries. Freire advocated for experiential education, particularly service learning, and believed the classroom was a place where social change could happen.

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Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15 - Oct 15! This month celebrates the histories, cultures, and contributions of Americans with ancestry in Spain, Mexico, South and Central America, and the Caribbean. The observance begins today, September 15, to commemorate the anniversary that Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua gained independence from Spain. Join us this month as we celebrate with a special series: Hispanic/Latinx Voices in Education!

A Chilean author and educator, Gabriela Mistral became the first Latin American author to receive the Nobel Prize in literature. She boldly advocated for the rights of women, children, and many other groups facing challenges in her community.

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Authentic Partnerships with Local Authors

Horizons had the honor of partnering with children’s book authors and illustrators Dow Phumiruk, James Ransome, and Jeffery Weatherford this summer for fantastic visits to 3 of our Horizons sites! 

Thanks to a partnership with a fellow children’s author and friend of Horizons, Dow visited students at Horizons Colorado in Denver, while James spent time at Horizons Brooklyn (NYC), and Jeffery was welcomed to Horizons at Ashley Hall (SC).

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