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Season of Gratitude

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Horizons' Season of Gratitude is a month-long celebration of the people and partners that make our programs possible. It takes a village to advance educational equity for young people, and we are proud to be part of this community of schools, organizations, districts, teachers, families, funders, and volunteers. Join us in celebrating this Season of Gratitude and giving thanks to your own village!

We're kicking off with a joyful celebration of the young people who inspire us every day! The Horizons Network welcomed 7,148 students in 2023, and we are grateful for each and every one of them. Our students are joyful, curious, kind, determined, resilient leaders whose positive impact has only just begun. In 2023, Horizons students achieved incredible results. Not only did hundreds of students conquer their fears and learn to swim, but they also gained an average of 8.8 weeks of growth in their reading and math skills while forming close relationships, practicing mindfulness and wellness, enjoying field trips, and bringing JOY to each and every classroom. We are so proud of these scholars and are honored to be part of their growth!


What would we do without our teachers? In 2023, 1,057 Horizons teachers and 96 learning specialists worked to create joyful, inclusive learning opportunities for over 7,000 students. Teachers are the heart of Horizons, building welcoming educational environments, understanding each child's learning needs, and providing support in and out of the classroom to help students reach their goals. We are honored to work with these outstanding youth-serving professionals and say a resounding THANK YOU for their dedication to helping students grow and thrive, during and outside of school!


Shout-out to the newest members of the Horizons Network in 2023! Each year, Horizons National builds partnerships with schools and communities across the country to expand equitable learning opportunities for more students. Our partner schools provide valuable in-kind resources to Horizons programs, including classroom space, learning supplies, and volunteer opportunities, while Horizons provides a way for schools to form deeper connections to their community and increase equity in their district. In 2023, we were proud to welcome The Temple (Atlanta, GA), St Catherine St Lucy School (Chicago, IL), and Tower Hill School Delaware (Wilmington, DE) to our growing Network. We are so grateful for strong partnerships with our over 70 partner institutions nationwide!


Congratulations to the Class of 2023! Horizons graduates are leaders in their programs, schools, and communities. Many have been part of their Horizons programs since elementary school! Graduates often return to their programs to volunteer or teach, becoming role models for current students and gaining valuable career skills. We are so grateful to build long-term, lasting connections with these inspiring young leaders!


We'll be adding more notes of gratitude as the season continues, so be sure to check back and follow along on social media so you don't miss an update!


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