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Statement of Solidarity

Horizons National stands in solidarity with people of color throughout our communities and across the country. Black Lives Matter.

Horizons is committed to ensuring all children have the opportunity to thrive and learn. Eliminating inequities in education has been central to our work for over 50 years, and recent events remind us why this work is so important: systems that perpetuate, tolerate, or indulge racial injustice have devastating effects on our society and must be transformed.

We understand the communities we serve are disproportionately affected and harmed by violence and racial oppression. While the events we have seen in the last several weeks are heartbreaking, they are not new or isolated. Now and always, we stand with our entire Horizons community. We stand with our students and families. We stand with our staff and volunteers. We are united in our efforts to create an equitable world for our young people.

This moment makes our work together even more urgent – to build a society where every individual can experience the joy of learning, build skills for success, and have the inspiration to realize their dreams.