Building Community

We build partnerships with independent schools, colleges, and universities that host Horizons programs, along with the public schools whose students these programs serve. Partnerships with community organizations deepen the impact of a program by broadening the range of local support.  

To serve more children, we:

  • Work with prospective host school leadership to determine if they are likely candidates for a Horizons program
  • Conduct community due diligence to gain a better understanding of a region’s education landscape, and begin conversations with local community organizations and school districts to build awareness of and support for Horizons 
  • Work with local contacts to identify individuals, foundations, and corporations that may be interested in supporting the launch of a new Horizons program.  

Once a school signs up, Horizons National provides guidance every step of the way, including:

  • Launch funding development
  • Executive Director and specialized staff training
  • Strategic planning and consulting
  • Guidance on developing key relationships in target schools and communities