To meet the demand, and serve even more students, we’re focused on: 

  • Strengthening existing Horizons communities by deepening our existing partnerships and forging new ones to better serve our students. 
  • Expanding to new communities. In the next few years, we seek to more than double the number of students we can serve.  

We’re committed to changing the outcomes for under-resourced students by providing support and opportunities that propel them on a path of success in school and life. We do this by establishing lasting partnerships and building strong learning communities between public and private elementary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities.

The result? All across the country, Horizons students also become part of a sustainable community of learning where they and their families can build long-term relationships with their teachers and peers.  

 “Our district’s work with Horizons is an excellent example of how a public-private partnership can benefit students, by leveraging multiple community resources to give our children excellent summer learning opportunities.” Bolgen Vargas, Ed.D., Former Superintendent of Schools Rochester, NY City School District