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Join Us on May 17 for Horizons Giving Day!

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Horizons Giving Day is May 17!

Your support on Horizons Giving Day helps Horizons expand to reach more students, families, and communities.

One of the most important roles of Horizons National is to expand our program Network. Each year, we build partnerships in new communities to welcome more students and families to Horizons, helping support each program's launch and sustainability as they grow. Now, we have an ambitious goal: to expand the Horizons Network to 100 sites by 2025, building the capacity to support nearly 12,000 students nationwide. 

Right now, Horizons programs are needed more than ever. Our tuition-free programs support students from communities deeply impacted by educational inequities, which became even more obvious during the pandemic. Many students have experienced significant learning losses, and have missed out on opportunities to play, socialize, and just be kids. Horizons programs address the whole child, providing diverse learning experiences in a supportive community that grows with students as they develop their cognitive, physical, social, creative, and emotional skills. 

Horizons National is ready to expand our Network. Horizons is one of the largest, most experienced providers of out-of-school time learning. Over the past few years, we have been working hard to build the systems needed to support a network twice our current size. The need is great, and we know that our highly replicable program model works. Horizons students consistently gain an average of 6-10 weeks in reading and math skills over each summer session. They gain self-confidence and improve their social skills and behavior. They become leaders in their classrooms and communities.

Your support on Horizons Giving Day helps make our work possible. Every dollar raised ensures that Horizons National has the funds to expand our programs to reach new students, and provide the support and centralized services that make our Network stronger. Horizons National has successfully led and expanded a powerful network of programs for more than 25 years, and we have the systems in place to do much more.

Join us on Horizons Giving Day, May 17 and help Horizons programs reach new students and communities! Visit www.horizonsgivingday.org to learn more!


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