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Summer as a Time for Learning Recovery

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In 2020, the need to create more opportunities for all young people to thrive and be successful came into sharp focus. COVID-19 spotlighted the disparities we’ve combated for years in under-resourced communities across the country. According to Pew Research, the majority of U.S. students don’t have the same access to resources such as laptops and WiFi, which have posed barriers to education in the time of virtual learning. These barriers, according to PEW, disproportionately impact communities of color. 

What many students and families say they need right now is something we’ve been doing successfully for decades. With high-quality opportunities to learn, a strong sense of community, and close, supportive relationships, all students can recover from COVID-19 learning loss -- and excel even further ahead.

Programs like ours are more important than ever, as every student across the country has missed out on valuable learning time. Click here to watch a video on the effects of COVID-19 on education: “Horizons Ahead: Bridging the COVID Divide.”

We are now looking ahead with a renewed sense of optimism, but also with an even stronger sense of urgency about addressing the inequities in learning time. We know that: 

  • Opportunity gaps have grown, making the need for Horizons clearer than ever 
  • We must prioritize mental well-being and relationships for all young people
  • Students thrive through our long-term, holistic approach

Our Annual Report to the Network describes the successful pivot of the Network as a whole over the past year, and the power of the community that makes Horizons work. The report also describes the ways in which Horizons National supports sites across the Network, all of which is made possible through our funders and friends. 



Please join us for Horizons Giving Day on Wednesday May 12. Donations made to Horizons National ensure that we are able to fulfill our commitment to expanding learning, impact, equity, and opportunity for all young people.  

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