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Horizons Giving MAY is Here!

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Each May, Horizons National and the Horizons Network host Horizons Giving Day, a marathon 24-hour fundraising event to support our learning and enrichment programs. This year, we're turning our 10th annual Horizons Giving Day into a month-long celebration: welcome to Horizons Giving MAY!

Across the country, Horizons programs inspire learning, build community, and nurture joy for thousands of young people. At Horizons National, our role is to expand our programs to reach new students and expand equity in more communities each year. We partner with independent, charter, and public schools, colleges, and universities to create Horizons programs in places where out-of-school learning time is not available or not equally accessible. Over time, Horizons' whole-child centered, project-based learning communities grow to include students from kindergarten through 8th grade and often through high school, with students and teachers returning to the program year after year. Given this extra learning time in a supportive environment, Horizons students thrive:

  • Horizons students consistently gain 6-10 weeks of grade equivalence in their reading and math skills each summer
  • Attendance rates are higher and chronic absenteeism is less prevalent among long-term Horizons students
  • Horizons students report feeling higher self-confidence and more positive attitudes about school and learning

Horizons programs are needed now more than ever. Not only are students still recovering academically, socially, and emotionally from the COVID pandemic, but rates of chronic absenteeism - students missing 10% or more of school days - are skyrocketing in our country. The Biden Administration recently urged schools to address absenteeism with more high-dosage tutoring, and summer and out-of-school learning opportunities.

This moment is where programs like Horizons shine, and YOU can help bring Horizons to more students across the country. 

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