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Founders Council

When Horizons National was founded in 1995, it was in recognition of the outstanding success of the Horizons program at New Canaan Country School (NCCS) and had the goal of replicating that success as widely as possible.

The founding board members who oversaw this initiative had high hopes but did not know what to expect. While feeling confident that many schools would wish to replicate the program at NCCS, they quickly learned how many components need to come together at once for a school to make the long-term commitment involved in serving their community in this way. At that time, it would have been hard to envision a nation- wide network of well over sixty sites would be securely in place twenty-five years later.

Our Founders are the first to give credit for this remarkable achievement to a wide network of people who have contributed time, work, wealth, and wisdom to Horizons National. In their turn, all of these people are deeply grateful that it was the Founders who made possible and inspired their various contributions. They are equally grateful for the Founders’ determination never to allow the integrity of relationship and community, that has always characterized the Horizons program, to be compromised.

Horizons National Founders Council

Amy Chan Downer
Mary-Jo Gabel
Sally Grassi
Tony Grassi
Doug Karp
Monica Lamontagne
Leslie Littlejohn
Ned Mandel
Andrew McLaren
Nicholas Thacher
Kathy Welling
Jane Stoddard Williams

We are deeply grateful for the continued contributions of this dedicated group!