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Alumna Feature: Ahzaria Garris

"My name is Ahzaria Garris. I currently am a senior attending Howard University as a double major in Criminology and Psychology. My graduation year is May 2022. My passion is to become a defense attorney.

My experience with Horizons was so amazing! I am and will always be grateful for being able to attend the program. I’ve been able to develop so many wonderful relationships with students and teachers from Horizons. When I was younger I was very eager every summer for the start of Horizons. It’s my home away from home. I loved everything about it: the field trip experiences, the interesting methods for teaching academic lessons, the swimming lessons, the resources, the staff and so much more! I was able to experience many things that I probably wouldn’t have experienced if I wasn’t in the program. Horizons has influenced me to want to create mentor programs for the youth in order to enhance their experiences in life while also keeping their interest. I can’t thank the staff enough for being so influential in my life!!”