Horizons National

Horizons National is a network of transformational, community-centered, education programs that put low-income children on a path to success in school and life. Horizons programs are closing the opportunity gap by offering a high-quality learning experience outside of the traditional school year.  

The Horizons Approach

Starting early and keeping students in the program year-after-year, from Pre K through 12th grade, Horizons provides a sustainable community of learning for low-income students of varying academic abilities. 

Partnering with Horizons

Horizons National works side-by-side with its partners offering a wide array of support services from initial concept to a program in action.  See Horizons featured on NBC Nightly News’ Making a Difference.

Success Stories

Horizons puts students on a path of success in school and in life that allows them to realize their dreams.  Watch this video to hear inspiring stories from Horizons alumni.