Horizons Albuquerque

Opened in 2014

Beginning in 2014 with 46 students entering second, third, and fourth grade, Horizons Albuquerque (at Bosque School and Manzano Day School) has grown to serve 1st through 8th grade. The addition of Sandia Preparatory School in 2019 allowed Horizons Albuquerque to continue to grow to support K-12th grade. Students come from more than 6 Albuquerque public schools from an area spanning the South Valley to the North Valley.


“I want to stay in Horizons for the rest of my life, then I want to teach here.” Aliana, Rising 2nd Grade

Contact Horizons Albuquerque:
Swarupa Watlington
Executive Director
Horizons Albuquerque
4000 Learning Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120

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